Exciting true love is a series of ten talks about God, sex, relationships and a lot more. Initially recorded live in Tanzania as a radio program, the talks look at what the Bible says about relationships and particularly the marriage relationship. This helps us to view our own cultural values on relationships and the marriage relationship in light of this truth. There is amazing grace and freedom in the Bible and through Jesus Christ.

On this website you will find the audio files and the notes for each lesson, as well as the Bible verses that are referred to in each lesson. Click on a link to the left to look at the relevant weeks lessons. We invite you to join us in this study by downloading the audio file. The notes are also available to download. May the Lord guide and direct your study.


CDs of these 10 lessons are available in Tanzania from Soma Biblia.


For an interactive course that will teach you to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord and how to find freedom from sexual impurity go to  www.settingcaptivesfree.com

If you have just accepted Christ,  go to www.jesuschristafrica.com for relevant Bible verses.


For more information on the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman go to www.fivelovelanguages.com

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Rounded Rectangle: Book Review
Rounded Rectangle: 2. Love never fails.       Giving lifelong love
Rounded Rectangle: 4. Love rejoices in the truth. Giving pleasure
Rounded Rectangle: 5. Love is patient.            Giving and forgiving
Rounded Rectangle: 6. Love is kind.              Giving love in action
Rounded Rectangle: 7. Love as Christ loved. Giving as Christ gave
Rounded Rectangle: 9. Love does not delight in evil. Giving ourselves
Rounded Rectangle: 8. Love is not self seeking. Giving our bodies
Rounded Rectangle: 10. Love always hopes. Receiving Godís purity and power
Rounded Rectangle: 3. Love does not delight in evil. Giving ourselves
Rounded Rectangle: 1. Love comes from God. Gods gift to us