Nancy Crane

Because Iíve been set free in my marriage, I love to talk with others about Godís design for sex. I keep finding more and more how God really is good. His ways are right and true. I am passionate to share that with others. Godís design for sex has cross cultural relevance in the midst of cultural habits.

I am more than half a century old, making me an elder in many societies. Charlie and I have been married for over 30 years. We have three children and one grandchild. As one from the United States, Iíve been a student of different cultures for a quarter of a century having lived overseas in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the South Pacific.

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This work is not the result of one person but many. Joy Borman has been the producer, William Scott technical producer; Jordan Joseck, Fiona Richardson and Matilda Dondo are major consultants. The music is by Jeremy Lutito. Lauren Lee has done our graphics, Steve Borman our webpage, and Nicola Feather edited our scripts. This is an international team: Tanzanian, American, English and South African.

We give all the glory and honor to the Lord as it is through Him that we accomplish change in our lives and encourage others to do the same. May our Lord teach us and may we grow more and more like of his Son, Jesus.


Joy Borman

Joy Borman is a Participatory Arts Facilitator, Adult Educator and Workshop Leader. Joy specialises in the use of drama, games and the arts to make a real difference to poor and disadvantaged communities. Her use of creativity and humour helps groups discuss important issues and address their problems. Participants are able to critique their problems and limiting circumstances and laugh whilst doing so. Capturing the passions of a community, Joy asks what can be done to better their situation and enable groups to explore a range of options, helping them to become proactive in finding way to make a positive difference.

Joy works with both large and small NGOs, charities, community groups and regeneration initiatives. She implements projects in a range of locations including refugee camps, churches and rural communities. Where there are people that are dissatisfied and are willing to meet together, there is a potential to help people voice their opinions and to enable them to find ways to make a difference.

Joy has worked with womenís groups, street and working children, refugees, people with learning difficulties and disabilities, refugees, the over 60s, those affected by HIV/AIDS, have helped organisations with their consultations and trainings, worked with churches developing their arts outreach and have given training to students and employees in development agencies.

Previous clients have included Tearfund, VSO, The Leonard Cheshire Trust, Spare Tyre Theatre Co, All Nations Christian College, NewFrontiers, Lifeskills Promoters, Nairobi and St. Johnís Community Centre, Kenya.

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Jordan Joseck

Jordan has been a consultant as well as the one who has operated the SMS portion of our program. Jordan is a team leader with a local Tanzanian NGO called Act4Africa. They specialize in HIV education and prevention working with both schools and communities. He leads the schools team and takes employees and volunteers into schools to engage and educate school children in what HIV means for their lives.


Jeremy Lutito

Jeremy Lutito composed the music for Exciting True Love. He is a Nashville (USA) based drummer and composer who plays with Jars of Clay, Mat Kearney, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, and Backstreet Boys.


William Scott

Fiona Richardson



Rounded Rectangle: 2. Love never fails.       Giving lifelong love
Rounded Rectangle: 1. Love comes from God. Gods gift to us
Rounded Rectangle: 4. Love rejoices in the truth. Giving pleasure
Rounded Rectangle: 5. Love is patient.            Giving and forgiving
Rounded Rectangle: 6. Love is kind.              Giving love in action
Rounded Rectangle: 7. Love as Christ loved. Giving as Christ gave
Rounded Rectangle: 9. Love does not delight in evil. Giving ourselves
Rounded Rectangle: 8. Love is not self seeking. Giving our bodies
Rounded Rectangle: 10. Love always hopes. Receiving Godís purity and power
Rounded Rectangle: 3. Love does not delight in evil. Giving ourselves


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Rounded Rectangle: Book Review