Session Summaries

Below you will find a summary of each of the sessions with the bible verse’s, references and other useful information to help you get the most from the sessions.


Lesson 1:    Love Comes From God                God's Gift to Us

Genesis 2:  Seeing God’s plan for marriage and sex

Genesis 2:18-25,            Acts 17:11


Lesson 2:    Love Never Fails                           Giving Lifelong Love

Proverbs 5: Delighting in each other forever and always

Proverbs 5:15-17,           Proverbs 5:18-19


Lesson 3:    Love Always Protects                  Giving Happiness

Deuteronomy 24: Learning the skill of bringing happiness to your wife

Deuteronomy 24:5,         Genesis 2:18


Lesson 4:    Love Rejoices in the Truth         Giving Pleasure

Song of Songs 4: Rejoicing in your sexual relationship

Song of Songs 4:1-5:1


Lesson 5:    Love is Patient                              Giving and Forgiving

Ephesians 4, 5: Walking in love; communicating love through words of affirmation and touch

Ephesians 4:31-5:1-2,    Romans 12:20


Lesson 6:    Love is Kind                                   Giving Love in Action

Ephesians 4, 5: Walking in love; communicating love through gifts, acts of service and quality time

Ephesians 4:31- 5:2


Lesson 7:    Love as Christ loved                    Giving as Christ Gave

1 Peter 3: Reflecting the relationship of Jesus and his church in your marriage

1 Peter 3:7,        Ephesians 5:25-32


Lesson 8:    Love is Not Self Seeking             Giving our Bodies

1 Corinthians 7: Paying the “debt of pleasure” between a husband and his wife

1 Cor 7:3-5,       Deut 24:5


Lesson 9:    Love Does Not Delight in Evil     Giving Ourselves Faithfully

Hebrews 13: Keeping the marriage bed pure; avoiding harm

Hebrews 13:4


Lesson 10:  Love Always Hopes                     Receiving God's Purity and Power

Romans 12: Having a renewed mind; coming to God for forgiveness and using His strategies for resisting the devil.

Romans 12:2,    1 Cor 6:13,         Hebrews 12:2,                  Jeremiah 3:22,                 Luke 7:36-50,                                

2 Peter 1:3-4,    James 4:7,         Malachi 2:16,                   Matt 5:27-32,                   John 8:31-32



Rounded Rectangle: 2. Love never fails.       Giving lifelong love
Rounded Rectangle: 4. Love rejoices in the truth. Giving pleasure
Rounded Rectangle: 5. Love is patient.            Giving and forgiving
Rounded Rectangle: 6. Love is kind.              Giving love in action
Rounded Rectangle: 7. Love as Christ loved. Giving as Christ gave
Rounded Rectangle: 9. Love does not delight in evil. Giving ourselves
Rounded Rectangle: 8. Love is not self seeking. Giving our bodies
Rounded Rectangle: 10. Love always hopes. Receiving God’s purity and power
Rounded Rectangle: 3. Love does not delight in evil. Giving ourselves


Session Summaries




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Rounded Rectangle: Book Review
Rounded Rectangle: 1. Love comes from God. Gods gift to us